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Palouse Acupuncture, LLC

Dr. Cass Hedrick, DACM

Thomas Heikes, L.Ac

thomas heikes, acupuncturistIn 2020 Thomas graduated Magna Cum Laude from a full-time three year Traditional Chinese Medicine program at Pacific Rim College in Victoria, BC, Canada. Thomas has deeply studied Western herbal medicine for many years and growing, being in relationship with, and sharing plant medicine is his true passion. I spent a year apprenticing on a medicinal herb farm, followed by many years of self exploration, took many courses at Pacific Rim College, engaged in another year long apprenticeship, and most notably completed a program with the School of Evolutionary Herbalism, one of the most comprehensive online training available in Western herbalism.

I am consumed by a deep curiosity and wonder of this amazing world. I grew up in Colorado and gained my BA in Architecture, however I struggled to find purpose and fulfillment on that path. My life calling truly began when apprenticing on a medicinal herb farm and homestead, the world finally made sense. I realized I desire to live simply, in conscious symbiotic relationship with the earth and nature. I spent many years accruing sustainable living skills guided by the vision of creating an educational farm and homestead, a place to help reconnect people with nature.

And yet I was unavoidably required to completely surrender to my own healing journey, to embrace the medicine path or struggle on in suffering. My journey has taken me around world, it’s been the greatest source of learning of my life, and the most confronting and humbling experience as well. I have had to find balance and come into right relationship with myself and the Earth in order to heal. I am so grateful for my experiences, each one is a brush stroke on the canvas of my life.

This is the only medical system I have found that has allowed absolutely all of me to feel seen and has profoundly helped me understand how to heal from the inside out, an illuminating light where all other systems were not able to help. I hope to help us remember that we are so much more, that when we are open and in connection with creation, with our sacred bodies, that healing unfolds. 

thomas heikes acupuncturist I live for exploring local plant medicines, getting to know their essence in a personal way, meditating with the medicines and communicating with the living plants, and sharing this passion with others. I grow herbs and make medicine, and am in route to providing all the herbs for the clinic. I look forward to teaching my community about holistic plant medicine through workshops, plant spirit meditations, as well as offering empowering education in nutrition, and much more. I have also studied Medical Qi Gong and Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy for several years now and enjoy weaving it in to treatment.

Qi Gong, meditation, quality food, and clean water are all pillars in my life. Dreamwork and intuition development is a big part of my experience, as well as ceremonial gathering with my community, and death transition work is a great interest. I also love to play the flute, didjeridoo, and handpan drum, and I also build the flutes I play (see below). I am an avid gardener, and am exploring creating a small scale plant nursery for fruit and nut trees.

I feel the unique elements that I bring are sensing how it is all woven together and bridging Traditional Chinese medicine with Western herbalism. Holistic medicine is just another expression of consciousness, of love, of medicine plants, of food, of a beautiful home, of community meals and laughter, of how life’s rich tapestry and growth exists through the depth of our personal relationships and connections. I seek to help others also feel this universal connection to source and to help you find your inner light, to guide a journey into the unknown and see what is inhibiting your fullest expression. Together we may meet it, understand and transform it. This is the work, the art of living and dying each day, the celebration of life as it is, and I welcome it fully.

And so I dream to be in service by creating a healing center, a space that is simply overflowing with plants and sacred structures, a place of inspiration, a place to remember what life is all about, a good place to heal. Yet one step at a time, for now I am in service through my clinic offerings, sharing my light with you!

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